The key to make your tires last longer is properly maintaining them. This means you need to know when and how to look for damages and problems and how to avoid it. By regularly inspecting your tires is the best way to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance, reduce harmful emission, and make your vehicle safe when traveling and most importantly save money from avoiding frequent tire replacement. There are several ways to maintain your tire in perfect working condition.

  • Check the tire pressure at least once a month. It is very important because driving a car that does not have a correct inflation pressure is dangerous because underinflated tire builds up excessive heat that may result in sudden tire destruction. You can find the proper inflation pressure for your tires in the vehicle owner’s manual or the vehicle’s tire information placard.
  • Avoid high speed driving. Although your tires have the correct inflation pressure, traveling at high speeds is hazardous because it gives a bigger chance for tire damages. Moreover, driving at high speed reduces the reaction time available to avoid accidents and bring your vehicle to a safe stop.
  • Wheel alignment and balancing are important for safety and maximum mileage from your tires.
  • Do not overload your tires. Driving on any overloaded tire is very dangerous. The maximum load rating of your tires is marked on the tire sidewall. Do not exceed these ratings.
  • Proper tire rotation is important. If you notice irregular wears in the tires of your vehicle, it should be rotated to alleviate the problem. It is essential to check your tires and wheels for signs of possible damage and check your vehicle for any
  • Regularly check your tires as much as possible for foreign matter in the tread, or other objects that could cause leaks.