Car advertising nowadays is easy with the use of WWW. In just a click in the computer mouse, a few typing of the car make and model… in just a split second (that is if you have a fast internet connection hehehe…) you can find the car you want to view! Fifty years ago, when television set is not in demand in house holds during those days and internet is more than just a simple information processing software covering a small area of networked computers, car advertising is done through fliers and magazine ads.

Yesterday my dad and I spend the afternoon together cleaning the house and he showed me his collection of vintage car ads. Well, since I’ve got interested of what my dad told me about the car advertising years ago i have downloaded car ads of different car models that you might find interesting.. here it is!

This is the Oldsmobile car ad released in 1940’s that talks about “Rocket ’88”. These are truly great advertisements.


Check out this beauty (“on the boulevard”)
 an ad for a ’50 Ford


This is the ’49 Mercury car ad.. hmmmm a great car isn’t it??


This is one of the first magazine ad of Volkswagen featuring the beetle.


This car ad of Cadillac is designed to be published in magazines and news papers. With this simple designed ad, several readers would surely be interested buying a Cadillac!


This is an ad from an American magazine featuring AMX sports car…


This is one of my personal favorite… the 1965 Mustang’s ad… I love the color and the simplicity of the ad.. also… i’m one of the fans of a vintage Mustang vehicles! hehehe Well i guess.. my dad’s personal favorite is more attractive than this mustang ad. Here it is the 1968 Playboy Playmate Of The Year Victoria Vetri (Angela Dorian) Pink AMX


Car ads with sexy and beautiful female models is a good ides, considering that almost all the male population are interested with cars and babes in the fast lane.. hehehe… whew!