These gadgets are not the latest trend in the automotive world, but instead they are some of the most multifunctional devices available for your vehicle. You can experience convenience and safe ride with one compact unit which combines all the necessary functions you need from different vehicle gadgets. Amazing isn’t it? hmmm here are some of my personal picks from the hottest gadgets available in the market. I got these from Forbes Autos… if you want to see the complete list of gadgets you can visit this amazing site here!

lpine eX-10 iPod and Bluetooth Adapter


Alpine’s eX-10 is not your average iPod adapter. It sits on your dash and the 2.4-inch color screen displays info from your iPod — artist, album, song title, even album art. All of the iPod functions can be accessed with an intuitive remote control. But what sets this adapter apart is that it wirelessly syncs to a Bluetooth mobile phone and accesses your phone book as well as missed, dialed, and received calls. It also functions as a hands-free cell phone kit. When you place or receive a call, the music is automatically muted, and the eX-10 plays your call through the vehicle’s speakers. Hang up, and the music resumes.

Clarion MiND


The MiND may just blow your mind. It’s another kind of car computer, one that takes its cue from the ultra-portable tablet PCs that use touch-screens instead of keyboards. In the car, the MiND works as a GPS navigation system and features a media player for MP3 and video files. The MiND can also help keep you organized by syncing your Outlook email and calendar to its built-in office applications. An instant-messaging program and Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) technology make staying in touch easy. Clarion partnered up with YouTube, MySpace, and Google to provide easy access to their sites, but it will also have a basic Web browser.

Kenwood DNX8120


The Kenwood DNX8120 is an in-dash device that combines a navigation system with a radio. Like many of the latest navigation systems, it includes street-level maps to make getting around easier. It also offers real-time traffic updates with traffic flow displayed right on the screen. The DNX8120 also features Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Bluetooth, and a 13-band equalizer so you can fine-tune your listening. The DNX8120 has two USB inputs, one for a portable media device and the other for high-speed iPod connection. Kenwood is one of the only manufacturers to offer iPod Video control right from the touch-screen.

Ford Sync


Sync is a multimedia communications interface developed by Microsoft in conjunction with Ford. It lets users connect their cell phones and music libraries to the audio system in new Ford models. Drivers can then use voice control to place and receive calls and select the music they want to hear. Just like a cell phone, the Sync lets users assign different ring tones to different incoming callers, and it can read text messages out loud. It’s also compatible with Sirius Satellite Radio and Sirius Back-Seat Satellite TV.

Hmmmm.. great! I’m looking forward to buy one of these gadgets one of these days! I really want my car to be updated with the latest trends in the automotive world.. hehehehehe Ciao!