As time goes by, cars become more and more in demand for public use. As a result, car manufacturers do necessary innovation to meet both the demands and expectations of car consumers. There are several features that consumers consider before deciding to buy a car that includes performance, appearance and costs. Several surveys have conducted in order to know and identify what are the features that a vehicle should posses in order for consumers to buy it. As I am surfing the net, i happened to visit Forbes Autos and there I stumbled on an article “Top 10 Reasons People Reject a Car”. Here are the top 10 reasons i have read in the article…

In the tech age, people are more in love with their gadgets — and more demanding of them — than ever before. And they’re not going to be attracted to a car they consider to be a luddite model. J.D. Power’s findings also suggest a Website is a good way for automakers to attract prospective buyers.

9. Not Enough Performance*

The test drive is still a vital part of the decision-making process. If the car doesn’t corner and accelerate smoothly, the sale probably won’t go smooth either. And a bad review that says a car drives poorly also plants a bad seed in the public’s mind.

8. Not Comfortable Enough*

While people are hungry for smaller models, they still want room to stretch their legs. And they’ll vote with their feet if a car makes them feel cramped.

7. Doesn’t Get Enough Gas Mileage*

Not surprisingly, this factor is on the rise as a reason why people turn away from a particular model. Nearly twice as many people listed fuel economy as an avoidance factor in J.D. Power’s survey than three years ago.

6. Vehicle Is Too Small*

This is one problem American models typically don’t have. While smaller cars may be more affordable, growing families still need larger vehicles, meaning minivans and SUVs — the sweet spot of domestic automakers — will always occupy a strong position in the market.

5. Poor Quality*

Even though this list pertains to foreign and domestic models, it’s American automakers that face an uphill climb when convincing buyers their cars are up to the task. J.D Power’s research director Jon Osborne suggests American automakers “get out in front” of younger buyers with a strong marketing message to convince them to put domestic models on their shopping lists.

4. Vehicle Would Depreciate Too Fast*

Maybe people have cars confused with their South Beach condos, but return on investment (ROI) is indeed a concern for any large expenditure. Even though people are shopping for a new car, a small part of them is already thinking about the trade in value.

3. Too Expensive*

With the economy hitting a rough patch because of the mortgage crisis, buyers will be on the lookout for bargains. J.D. Power says it may be lights out for models that are perceived to be overpriced in the current environment.

2. Concerned About Reliability*

An unreliable product isn’t going to attract many consumers. And this stings domestic models particularly hard, because many consumers believe domestics are less reliable than foreign models — a reputation J.D. Power’s Osborn and most auto experts say is no longer deserved. But perception can sometimes make its own reality.

1. Don’t Like the Look or Design*

Just like any purchase, consumers want to buy something that’s aesthetically pleasing and attractive. If someone doesn’t like what they see, the rest of the automobile really doesn’t matter.