It’s been quite a while since the last time i post something in my blog. Well, its because I’ve been very busy lately… *sigh. Early this morning when i opened my mail, i received a message from FFO (fun and fun only) that feature cars of different police departments in some of the countries worldwide. In this mail they compare the different police patrol cars being used worldwide..


German Patrol Cars: LAMBORGINI GALLARDO… with max speed of 320 km/hr


Japanese Patrol Car: Lancer Evo IX… with max speed of 280km/hr


France: Peageut Sports GT with maximum speed of 280 km/hr


Spain police car patrol: Audi TT with maximum speed of 280 km/hr


England police patrol car… Porsche….

Almost all the above mention country use police cars made by the famous brand in the automotive industry. All exudes beauty and elegance… and of course excellent speed and performance. For sure, policemen won’t have a hard time chasing criminals with the use of these road-breaking police cars!

Hmmmm… what surprise me about the mail i received early this morning was when i reach the last part of the message that says…

Now… the ultimate police car in the world!!!


One and only.. India’s Mahindra Jeep! Max speed not disclose due to security reasons!

Nyahahahahha nice one! As far as i know, this Mahindra Jeep was produced byMahindra & Mahindra Limited., the major car manufacturer in India. Hmmmm the picture above is one of the old models of jeep designed by the company that is excellent in doing off-road challenges. I just hope that Indian Policemen won’t be chasing criminals driving Ford or Ferrari vehicles… hehehehehe