If you are driving with budget-priced cars, you’ve got a lot of options to choose for in order to add the convenience that you are experiencing along your ride. Shopping these days is made a lot easier with the use of the internet. You can find several cool gadgets that you may find interesting to integrate in your ride. Here are some of the gadgets that I find beneficial in every driver and ass some convenience and enhance the functionality of your car. Some of these gadgets may seemed much more like just plain luxurious, it as well give you the convenience you need. So here it is! I listed these gadgets according to my personal choice.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth is a wireless signal that allows phones to be connected to other Bluetooth-enabled cars. With the use of this amazing gadget, you don’t need to have a hard connection. It allows you to receive calls without physically holding the phone. Furthermore, there are features in phones that can be very functional in making transactions a lot better with the use of Bluetooth like multiple calls without the driver ever taking his or her eyes off the road.
  2. Satellite radio: If you’re a frequent road tripper, satellite radio is a must. With satellite radio, your listening options will always be up-to-date. These satellite radios are found in all trims of the Chevrolet Cobalt and sometimes offered in Mazda 3.
  3. Premium-Branded Stereo. This gadget produces great sounds like the home stereo components. With the use of this amazing gadget you can ride with your treasured vehicle while listening to your favorite music.
  4. Heated front seats: A heated driver seat can be a when you are driving on a cold winter day. It is very good when you are stressed out and want to relax your back and shoulder muscles from a strenuous day of work.
  5. Navigation system: A good navigation system can save you from the inconvenience and embarrassment of getting lost. These systems are useful both on long road trips and in shorter travels around town.
  6. Keyless entry: Not having to fumble for keys when entering or exiting a vehicle adds a whole lot of value when it comes to convenience. With keyless entry, you gain access to your car without removing the fob from your pocket.
  7. Auxiliary steering-wheel-mounted audio controls: Auxiliary audio controls conveniently mounted on your car’s steering wheel. This technology is standard on some trims of the Mitsubishi Lancer.
  8. iPod Connection. In the world today, when almost everyone is updated with the current trends, like the iPod inspired car makers to create a gadget that would connect your ride with this amazing technology. With an iPod-specific connection you can navigate through tracks using the car’s audio system controls. In many cases this means using steering-wheel-mounted buttons and never having to take your eyes off the road.
  9. Air filtration system: Air filtration system can clean the air in your car, ridding it of pollen and helping you to avoid watery eyes and a runny nose. It’s also useful in preventing unpleasant outside odors from making their way into the cabin. This technology gives a lot convenience to people suffering from asthma and other related ailment.
  10. Heated and/or Cooled Cupholders keeps drinks stored in the glovebox cool when the air-conditioner is running. Also, it offers heated and cooled cupholders so your morning latte remains nice and toasty during the winter and your iced mocha can stay chilly.

Note that the vehicle included in the lists isn’t meant to be comprehensive. Rather, they’re intended to offer a sampling of the cars that can be equipped with these useful features.